Our quality management

The will to trade high-quality produce and our approach of always being one step ahead of everyone else are the guiding principles which have led us, over the last years, to become a thriving fruit and vegetable company. Our quality management guidelines, in the bigger scheme of entrepreneurial duty to our customers, is as follows.The common thread in our operations it to obtain ideal market success by shared efforts. We implement this idea thanks to an innovative approach, based on a clear organisational structure and effective management. The satisfaction of our clients, continuous improvement of the quality of our produce and avoiding performance errors are our top entrepreneurial objectives. Our overall service is characterised by delivery of outstanding goods and numerous services. Our relationships, at work and with our clients and suppliers in our business dealings, are characterised by a fair and unbiased approach.


To guarantee the constantly changing demands of the market, such as

  • growing price reduction
  • growing client satisfaction
  • constant improvement of quality and safety of our products and services
  • corporate responsibility for food safety


We strive for quality in our company policies and in our worker’s attitude to their tasks. Skilled and trained workers who work towards our common goal, effective organisation and a managerial aim of setting and meeting goals are at the base of our success in the future.

Our producers

Warranted quality 

The fertile soil, the expertise of our producers, who have strived for quality over quantity in the last years, controlled yield as well as the possibility to grow new produce contribute their small part to the fact that Italy is one of the most significant fruit and vegetable growing countries in Europe.

To constantly guarantee the same high-quality products, we choose our producers and their soils personally and following strict criteria. They all are seasoned fruit and vegetable producers, share our values and think and plan the next production with us.

Project Sourcing

We sow, you reap the benefit.

In business dealings, decisions involving a new product often play an important role, so we prefer to make these together with you before the start of each season. Then, having selected the right producer and seeds, the new product is grown and harvested according to our strict quality standards. It is then packed and delivered according to your needs and instructions. This approach guarantees maximum planning flexibility, product safety and – last but not least – supplying any new product line specified by the customer.

Our Fruit Packing Facilities in Longiano

Checked and packed for you

Crisp, fresh and packed with flavor. That’s the way fruit and vegetables in retail stores must be. To ensure that this is how our products reach you, we have opened a state-of-the-art packing centre in Cesena where we have invested in the most modern refrigeration, preparation and packaging technologies for our products. As soon as the produce reaches the centre, it undergoes strict quality control and is then stored at a constant temperature in the various cooling zones of our modern refrigeration units. To guarantee fruits and vegetables reach you as fresh as possible, we pack them at our packing centre within hours of being harvested. Products are packed according to customer requirements and we utilize the full range of pack sizes for fruit available on the market, including bags and trays, packed in layers of all sizes. On request, we can also design packaging specifically for your brand. Rapid distribution and efficient cross-docking allow us to provide fresh produce packed to your requirements and delivered just in time anywhere in the world.

Distribution and traceability

In safe hands, from the field to your table

From the harvesting of our products to their proper maturation, transport to our warehouses with separate storage areas, correct temperature in the refrigeration units, sizing, selection, packing and shipping: our in-depth knowledge of each variety of fruit and vegetable means we can meticulously tailor each step of the process in order to assure product traceability. This makes it possible to readily identify any fruit or vegetable grower – thereby allowing us to efficiently guarantee the traceability of each of our products, from the field to the table.


In black-and-white: Our certification process.

We don’t leave anything to chance. This is why our company is certified to conform with
the European Union’s organic farming directives and IFS (International Food Standard)
requirements, utilizing a quality management system that efficiently documents all processes,
product flows and quality controls. This allows us to offer you certainty in terms
of reliability and safety, and we put it on paper, in black-and-white.

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