Our fruits

Sweet and filled with flavor

Italy’s Mediterranean climate is ideal for cultivating the different varieties of fruit that require this climate to thriven and grow. Italian agriculture’s excellent climatic conditions and the nutrient-rich soil are not only advantages from the standpoint of cultivation, but also give Italian fruit its distinctive, superior flavor. Hans Klotz Srl offers stone fruits, top fruits, soft fruit and citrus fruits freshly harvested from all the agricultural regions of Italy.

Our vegetables


Our vegetables and salads are warmed by the sun of Italy, nourished by its special soil and grown with love.. In order that retailers can offer consumers a rich selection of fresh, tasty produce “right from the field to the table”, we guarantee that all our vegetables follow a strict growing process from planting through harvesting, distribution, quality control, storage and delivery. Our priorities are freshness and high quality.

Our organic line


Consumer awareness and the demand for safe, natural food products have grown constantly in recent years. We want to satisfy these needs and we offer our customers a wide range of organic products . Our producers grow their products, expertly and with dedication, while respecting nature and in conformity with the European Union’s strict standards for organic farming. The word “organic” represents a guarantee that we stand behind, not only through the personal relationship we have with our growers, but also thanks to our collaboration with agronomists who guarantee that products declared to be organic actually are. Product safety is also underpinned by strict quality control. In addition to good availability , we guarantee top quality, safety and transparency, as well as a wide range of products, all tailored to the customer’s requirements.


Our product catalogue

Our Pouches

The iedeal snack between meals or on the go

Our delicious fruit and vegetable purées in a practical squeeze bag, which we have been filling since 2014, are ideal for on the go, as a snack or as a dessert for young and old.

Our different flavours can be mixed and changed according to your wishes, at the moment we have more than 25 flavours on offer.  All purées consist of 100% pure fruit and vegetables, free of preservatives and without added sugar.

The various mixtures are available in organic and conventional quality.

We are specialized in "Private Label". In shortest time we can transform your own brand, in highest quality, also in smaller quantities in the squeeze bag.


Here you get an overview of our current product portfolio of fruit and vegetable pouches which we have in our program:

Our flavours

Direct juices and fruit pulps

Mouth-watering variety, natural taste.

Our fruit processing company is situated in the unspoilt natural surroundings of the Val di Non, at 600 m above see level, among numerous fruit trees. The excellent quality of our fruits are the bases of the production of our premium direct juices (NFC) and top quality fruit pulps.

Our special techniques allow us to produce extremely viscious and fibre-rich fruit pulps. By using innovative technologies and stroing the finished products in fully automatically controlled and cooled aspetic tanks we can constantly reach the same high-quality standards. We supplies filling plants, cider manufacturers, blenders, traders, fruit preparation companies and the food retail industry: the packaging of the goods in tankers or aseptic pouches of between 3 and 200 litres, and their despatch with reliable transporters allow us to deliver punctually and on schedule, as well as ensuring that we are always able to fulfil individual customer wishes.


Fruit for distillates

Best fruits to distil

Since 1947 we have been supplying renowned Distilleries all over Europe with our high-quality fruit every year. 

Thanks to our years of experience, we are the ideal partner for the selection of fruit for your premium Distillates. Only fruits of highest quality, from the best cultivation areas of Italy are selected for you. We only use fruits which are harvested to the perfect degree of ripeness, so they can develop their flavor and taste even better. We can supply the following fruits to you:

  • Williams Christ pears from South Tyrol, the Valsugana Valley, from the Lake of Garda and from the Emilia Romagna  

  • Sweet Pears  various varieties like : Abate Fetel, Conference, Kaiser Alexander, Decana

  • Apples various varieties like: Gravensteiner, Renetta de Canada, Pink Lady, Kanzi, Braeburn, Golden Delicious ,Granny Smith, Fuji

  • Apricots

  • Prunes

  • Plums

  • Sour Cherries

  • Sweet Cherries

  • Various Berries

We can also supply our fruits as mash, cooled in tanks.

Outside the season we can supply you with fruit purees all year round, aseptically filled in barrels or in tanks, even in smaller quantities.


Fruit for processing

As pure and genuine as nature itself

We can supply you with the following industrial fruit in conventional, organic and biodynamic quality:

  • Apples for peeling:  Pink Lady, Morgenduft, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Renetta de Canada 
  • Apples for purées and juices  
  • Sweet pears : Abate Fetel, Conference, Decana, Kaiser Alexander)
  • Williams Christ pears
  • Prunes  
  • Plums
  • Carrots
  • Kiwi green and yellow fruit pulp
  • Strawberries
  • Apricots
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